como se processa a aquisição de packs de sites e logos
...IN JUST 3 STEPS (Packs)
1. Choose the pack more adjusted to your business
SITES&LOGOS offers you a set of PACKS related to Corporate Image (logos, stationary, flyers, etc.) and Websites.
You just simply have to choose the appropriate pack and then proceed to the payment of 50% of the value order, which will be supported by a document/agreement to be signed between the two entities; The other 50% will by payed at the end of the project.
2. Delivery of content and questionnaires
In this phase you should provide all the contents (photos, logos, texts and other guidelines), so that we can include/use in the support/pack you want. You must also complete a questionnaire (to understand your needs), and send it to SITES&LOGOS. With this questionnaire we will structure, and design your project according to your expectations.
3. See your project completed
After the payment of the remaining 50% of the value order, and if you chose a pack related to Corporate Image, you will receive an e-mail, with a ZipFile (folder) that contain all the items developed as well as the vector files. On the other hand, if you chose a pack related to websites, you will receive an e-mail to view your website on a temporary page, before it is brought online.

Later, after the payment of the remaining 50% of the value order, the website will be placed on the definitive address / domain and sent to you all the files used (. HTML, images, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.) for future installation in another server (if you desired).
dominios e emails personalizados com a sites e logos
What would you think if a company has an e-mail like or
Hardly credible, right? In fact this type of e-mails is more appropriate to individuals and less adequate to a corporate presence on the web.
And if you indicate
Certainty this already gives more credibility and sense of organization!
Well, what we offer with PackSites is, among other advantages, the ability to have e-mails with your own domain rather than e-mails with domains of other entities.
Having your own domain is a synonym of credibility.
The mere fact of having your own domain name, conveys solidity, organization and reinforces communication presence.
filosofia de custos, o porque de preços low-cost
Do you want to know how we can practice these low-cost prices?
It's easy ...

 we have banished tools from which you would not take advantage, and that are usually allocated to larger projects;

 include only the functions required in everyday communication;

 We limit ourselves developing the essential and necessary;

 We reallocated efforts and resources;

All this without reducing the quality of the presented solutions, and making you paying only what you are using.
design personalizado com a sites e logos
SITE&LOGOS helps you to impress...
Have you ever thought that those who visit your website and receive your business card, may be badly impressed if these elements have a poor visual impact?
A bad image/communication can mean carelessness, lack of credibility, and that your services / products have stagnated in time. By developing a custom-made design for you, we guarantee exclusivity and impact in your communication tools, making a positive difference to all your competitors!